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Trucking Industry Authority since 1992.

Member Benefits

We assist our members by providing education, information and advice. We promote safe, ethical and profitable business practices for our members. Call 800-896-9688 today!

Fuel Discount Card

The Owner Operator Associates of Intersafe EFS® fuel card is accepted at every truck shop that accepts EFS®. Average savings is $0.20 per gallon and can exceed $0.40 per gallon every single year.

Industry Expertise

As an association member, you will benefit from our extensive trucking safety experience and your membership will pay for itself many times over in a short period of time due to the great benefits.

Our Preferred Partners

On their own, individuals and small fleets pay higher prices. By combining your buying power through the OOA of Intersafe, we provide significant volume discounts for our  members. 

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Association Member Benefits

Association members also receive great benefits, including fuel discounts, insurance and loss prevention best practices for protecting their freight and their livelihood.


Fuel Discount Card

Significant fuel discounts are available at over 1,000 truck stops all across the U.S.


Industry Expertise

Owner Operator Associates of 
Intersafe is a member-controlled association. 


Partner Benefits

Call 800-896-9688 today for more information and join our team!

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Owner Operator Associates of Intersafe has been in business since 1992, providing continued education and membership benefits to truck drivers. 

Our Board of Directors is made up entirely of members of the trucking industry and we also offer FREE quotes for our services.